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What Pocket Pussy is Best and Where I Get It

Self-pleasuring or simply masturbation is common among men, and therefore we should not be ashamed to talk about it. The good news for men is that there are many devices out there that can make the experience even more exhilarating. One such device is the pocket pussy.

It is a wonderful male sex toy that is convenient to carry around and ensure you get maximum pleasure just when you need it. Unlike the traditional methods of using hair oils and petroleum jelly to lubricate the penis, use of pocket pussy is hygienic and convenient.

When buying a fake pussy, do not go for a mediocre one. Sexual pleasure is one of the best pleasures you can afford to give yourself, but only with a device that looks and feels like a real pussy.

2016 most popular pocket pussies on the market

There are many types of pocket vaginas such as,

  • Ashlynn Brooke’s Perfect Pussy
  • Turbo Suck
  • Travel Jack Master
  • Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator
  • Tenga Eggs
  • Cobra Libre Masturbator
  • Maverick
  • Fleshlight Vibro
  • Blossom Sleeve
  • The Tube, and many more.

All these sex toys can be purchased from online stores such as fleshlight.com, shopinprivate, and Adam & Eve. Some people claim that you can make a pocket pussy at home. Although it is possible, you can only create a substandard one and that cannot guarantee you pleasure.

Artificial vagina developed through several years of research

Go for the best pocket pussies that have been developed through several years of research. There are many varieties of artificial vaginas available online from sites such as fleshlight.com. shopinprivate and Adam & Eve.

pocket pussy

Although all these sites purport to sell the best pussy toies, to me Fleshlight is light year ahead of the rest. It is unwise to go buying a sex toy that you are not sure of. I would not like you to go and hurt yourself while trying untested ones and end up hurting yourself or not getting the pleasure you had hoped for. This is why I am recommending you to buy your pocket pussy from fleshlight.com.

Buy at Fleshlight.com, Shopinprivate, or Adam & Eve

Shopinprivate was formed in 1998 and prides itself for its high level of privacy in its dealing. On the other hand, Adam & Eve sells a variety of sex toys for both men and women.


Recently, Shopinprivate and Adam & Eve have come under sharp criticism from some customers for embarrassing their customers when they deliver their goods in plastic packages. This embarrassment is what customers who shop at fleshlight.com always avoid.

Fleshlight operate like a real women pussy

Fleshlight has sold over a million pussy toys online to different locations across the world, making it the top-selling brand in the fake pussy market. Apart from its sleek design, Fleshlight is designed to give you “real” sex experience.

top pocket pussy

Fleshlight’s design is inspired by the real women pussies and usually look and operate like a real women pussy.

All vaginas are different, so does pocket toy

Unlike the women pussy where you never know what you got until you are in, with Fleshlight, you can customize the design you want in terms of color, texture and size, and it is made of a tender material that feels like real pussy flesh. With it, you can lubricate it to ensure you glide smoothly into it as you would like. The feeling you get from using a Fleshlight pocket pussy is actually no different from the real pussy.