Fleshlight. The Ultimate Pocket Pussy. Why?

I know that most people are wondering what I am thinking posing such a question of using a pocket pussy such as Fleshlight. It is however practical to assume that the act of self pleasuring has been around since the beginning of man and will probably last till the end of time.

I know that most people are kind of ashamed to talk about self pleasuring or masturbation but there is really no reason to be overly cautious about this issue. I think that it stems from the fact that since we are young our parents and society in general always discourages us from talking about sexual issues and more specifically self pleasuring.

Here He’s proud of having a Fleshlight pussy

According to me the best pocket pussy in the market today is the Fleshlight. The Fleshlight is the world’s top most selling male sex toy of all times with over one million units being sold. It was not created until a few years ago whereby it was decided that the normal procedure of self pleasure for males using hair oil and petroleum jelly as lubricants was not only disgusting to the thoughts as well as physically, it was also not very hygienic.


Someone may wonder why should I purchase a pussy like Fleshlight rather than make my own. Well, that is a valid question and the answer to that is that yes you could make your own but it will be substandard or may tend to be too cumbersome.

The truth is that you do not have the dollar amounts spent in the research for the Fleshlight so anything you come up with will tend to be somewhat mediocre.

Sorry if that rubs you the wrong way but it is to emphasize the importance of having safely tested sex toys that are easy and enjoyable to use over a long period of time. You know quite many people hurt themselves while trying out new sex positions, objects and locations and you really do not want to end up in such a statistic.

Pocket pussy how it works

The Fleshlight is actually modeled on real women pussies and actually mimics real pussy. You can actually customize your own before ordering and delivery.You can actually purchase one from Amazon and get it delivered for the next night. For customization options you have pussy design, color and even texture within the Fleshlight.

pocket vaginasThe Fleshlight is designed for maximum pleasure and to ensure that you last the longest. It has some lubrication and is also made of super soft skin just like a real pussy. You will really not be able to tell the difference between the Fleshlight and a real pussy. It is that good.

In conclusion let me state that there is no shame in engaging in self pleasure. It is and always will be a normal human activity so embrace it with open arms. It is much better than going out there cheating on your spouse or girlfriend or even hiring prostitutes which is a huge risk to your heath or relationship or maybe even both.

You make sure that you go out there and buy yourself a decent pocket pussy today. You will never regret it.

What Pocket Pussy is Best and Where I Get It

Self-pleasuring or simply masturbation is common among men, and therefore we should not be ashamed to talk about it. The good news for men is that there are many devices out there that can make the experience even more exhilarating. One such device is the pocket pussy.

It is a wonderful male sex toy that is convenient to carry around and ensure you get maximum pleasure just when you need it. Unlike the traditional methods of using hair oils and petroleum jelly to lubricate the penis, use of pocket pussy is hygienic and convenient.

When buying a fake pussy, do not go for a mediocre one. Sexual pleasure is one of the best pleasures you can afford to give yourself, but only with a device that looks and feels like a real pussy.

2016 most popular pocket pussies on the market

There are many types of pocket vaginas such as,

All these sex toys can be purchased from online stores such as fleshlight.com, shopinprivate, and Adam & Eve. Some people claim that you can make a pocket pussy at home. Although it is possible, you can only create a substandard one and that cannot guarantee you pleasure.

Artificial vagina developed through several years of research

Go for the best pocket pussies that have been developed through several years of research. There are many varieties of artificial vaginas available online from sites such as fleshlight.com. shopinprivate and Adam & Eve.

pocket pussy

Although all these sites purport to sell the best pussy toies, to me Fleshlight is light year ahead of the rest. It is unwise to go buying a sex toy that you are not sure of. I would not like you to go and hurt yourself while trying untested ones and end up hurting yourself or not getting the pleasure you had hoped for. This is why I am recommending you to buy your pocket pussy from fleshlight.com.

Buy at Fleshlight.com, Shopinprivate, or Adam & Eve

Shopinprivate was formed in 1998 and prides itself for its high level of privacy in its dealing. On the other hand, Adam & Eve sells a variety of sex toys for both men and women.


Recently, Shopinprivate and Adam & Eve have come under sharp criticism from some customers for embarrassing their customers when they deliver their goods in plastic packages. This embarrassment is what customers who shop at fleshlight.com always avoid.

Fleshlight operate like a real women pussy

Fleshlight has sold over a million pussy toys online to different locations across the world, making it the top-selling brand in the fake pussy market. Apart from its sleek design, Fleshlight is designed to give you “real” sex experience.

top pocket pussy

Fleshlight’s design is inspired by the real women pussies and usually look and operate like a real women pussy.

All vaginas are different, so does pocket toy

Unlike the women pussy where you never know what you got until you are in, with Fleshlight, you can customize the design you want in terms of color, texture and size, and it is made of a tender material that feels like real pussy flesh. With it, you can lubricate it to ensure you glide smoothly into it as you would like. The feeling you get from using a Fleshlight pocket pussy is actually no different from the real pussy.

Best Pocket Pussy – Fleshlight and Tenga Egg

Men are straight forward beings. They all know what they want and what they favor most when it comes to easing their intimate frustrations and tensions that they may have, or merely to pleasure themselves.

With numerous sex toys available for them, there are those created with men in mind making them the best. Even though sex toys are meant to heighten comfort and confidence for men, pocket vagina is the one made perfectly to fit every man’s needs. I used to try dozens of pocket pussy from various brands, and here I have chosen top two tried-and-true pocket pussy for you guys who are just starting out just like me two years ago.

What is a pocket pussy?

A pocket pussy is a device that is designed to imitate a female’s sex organ. To achieve this toys are generally made of soft material, lubricated and sometimes heated to emulate a feeling of a real pussy. Its main aim is for erotic stimulation.

How do you choose the best pocket pussy?

pocket pussy

This should not be a problem; this is because differences make us what we are. Every man uses these toys for the same reason but all men have different physical characteristics. For this purpose, one sex toy may satisfy one but may not be enough for another. This is why it is important to choose a pocket pussy according to your needs. Below are factors to consider:

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Material
  4. Cost

So, which is the best pocket pussy

1. Fleshlight

This is one of the most popular sex toys for men to add sensation and texture to their solo sex experience. It is designed to stimulate a feeling of a sexual intercourse and to also induce orgasm. It has a tunnel that has an open end where you can insert a penis and an opening that is vagina-shaped. Fleshlight is mostly made of soft realistic materials whereby some come with a hard outer shell for protection.

best pocket pussy

This thing is really amazing. I purchased it and I have to say I cannot regret buying it. It stimulates a feeling of a mouth, vagina or even a butt. There are these ridges inside that are more than being in a real vagina. Every thrust felt like four thrusts. Amazing!


  • Low maintenance cost compared to other sex toys making it a wise investment
  • It has a realistic skin that is tight each time you use it
  • Durable material, long lasting, and construction toy
  • The material is malleable and transmits a good touch
  • Smart and easy to clean


  • Expensive as compared to other sex toys
  • They are large and some men may prefer smaller ones that are more discreet
  • If you fail to get a tight model, you may not get the satisfaction

2. Tenga egg

This is a real masturbator that feels like a real pussy. It is filled with delicious and intricate ridges, nodules, bumps, and spirals. Each tenga offers great experience. It is probably the most attractive sex toy since it looks like an iced white rose with gentle rolling edges that cover the interior surface. The effects of the edges may not be so strong but gradient is very gentle and the massage is very sensual.


  • Very sensual for users
  • Highly discreet
  • It reduces mess from lubricants and ejaculation
  • I realized that it offer full or partial penetration depending on the need.
  • Easy to use


  • Traction is too gentle to be intense
  • Costly for ongoing use
  • Tears easily
  • Disposable products create lot of waste

tenga egg

Pocket pussy is a great way to gain sexual satisfaction. However, to get the expected results you need to choose the best pocket pussy. There are so many websites offering them and so all you need to do is choose the best. Once you choose keenly you will have fun, just like me!

Why Use Butt Plug and Strap-On Dildo – Review

Do you want to make sex creative and pocket pussy is not enough? Do you want it be appealing? Lots of fantastic items exist that can give more pleasure for men during intercourse. Some of these items are strap ons and butt plugs.

The combination of these two items either singularly or together can help the individual engage in great and prolonged sex. These are the types of items that can be used for a variety of sexual positions, and can be used by both males and females alike.

Butt plugs reviews and its types

Butt plugs are designed simply to be placed in the butt or rectum and give the user sexual pleasure in types of the sensations that can be found from these simple but pleasurable devices. Some of the butt plugs even vibrate or have liquid squirt out of them. They are usually made of plastic, rubber or even glass and can come with ribbing.

You can find butt plugs on many websites. Butt plus in a variety of colors with vibrating features can be found on websites that sell cool sex toys. Some comes with a tail and some with vibration. They also have a variety of designs and options which can be user friendly. Glass butt plug is one of the popular items for advanced consumers.

but plug

These devices can be multi colored or have features like jewels on them.  You can shop online from a variety of sex toy sites to find the butt plugs that appeal to you and your partner. You can even find furry butt plugs for puppy play and other sex practices.

Overview of  Strap-ons

Strap ons have been around for centuries and can be used in a variety of ways. Strap ons are items that in their purest from can be accessed from harnesses worn around the waist.

strap ons

They are usually rubber or plastic. Reasons to use strap ons are varied, but they can allow hands free penetration, creative and stimulating sex as discussed earlier, double penetration, prostate massage and even for masturbation as people do with fleshlight or tenga. Really the only limits to these devices is in your mind. They have a variety of purposes pertaining to intercourse. Some of the ways these strap on dildos can be used are as follows:

Benefits of strap-on dildo

  • Deeper penetration is terms of intercourse
  • Help with erectile dysfunction there are two ways that lovers can use this.
  • With a Hollow dildo the male can insert his penis into the dildo he can use a strap on to penetrate his lover . He can also use a strap on that allows him to either rest inside the harness or allow his penis to come through an opening on the harness.
  • Oral sex some individuals find it sexually appealing to watch a partner give oral sex to the dildo before actual intercourse.+ Male to male sex individuals can use these strap-ons to penetrate each other both anally and orally.

There are different types of harnesses to use that will keep the strap on in place. When shopping for these products you can use either an O ring to keep it in place. They us different materials like metal rubber silicone or elastic. A Vac u lock is a device with special ridges. Remember when shopping there are all types and sizes of both butt plugs and strap-ons for males for you to try on.

Why You Should Try Male Sex Toys like Pocket Vaginas

Male sex toys are no new inventions in the world, as the exciting gadgets have been existence for a very long time in the market. But with the rising demand of the gadgets by many men who want to achieve natural ejaculation even in the absence of their partners, the gadgets have had to experience overwhelming rise in popularity all over the world. As a result, many men have unraveled the secret to enjoying natural orgasm, using pocket pussies.

Even though many people have dismissed these exceptional gadgets through reviews and blogs, the fact is that these gadgets are not only safe to use, but also economical considering the high cost of dating a woman these days. Therefore, here are some of the amazing facts you need to know about pocket pussies.

Male sex toys are cost-effective and easy to use

pocket vaginas costIt is true that many men find it hard to approach a woman, let alone asking for sex. In addition, the cost of dating a woman or hiring a sexual vixen is very high, especially in the current shoestring budget times.

However, with a male sex toy, you can save a lot of money that would have otherwise been used for taking a woman out on a date and still enjoy the thrilling experience of a natural orgasm and quality ejaculation.

The market is endowed with a wide range of commercial pocket pussies with different specifications and qualities. Meaning, with male sex toys, you can be sure of having something special that meets all your needs at reasonable cost.

Pocket pussies help protect the sanctity and purity of a relationship

Many relationships don’t live to see the light of the next day because of unfaithfulness and lack of trust among partners and married couples. In addition, the thought of cheating on the woman you love can be heartbreaking, especially if you really love her. But the sad thing is that it is not guaranteed that the woman you love will always be there when you are sexually aroused.

male sex toys

Sometimes, job commitments and other personal businesses can deny you a chance with the woman you love, which may lead to sexual depression and suffering. However, with a pocket pussy, it is easy to stimulate a healthy and enjoyable orgasm, without compromising the life your relationship by cheating on her.

Also, if you don’t have a woman to turn to when sexually aroused, a pocket pussy can be an ideal option to help fulfill your sexual needs.

Pocket vagina is safe and healthy

Today, the world is strewn with a wide array of sexually transmitted infections including the world’s most dreaded menace, HIV/AIDS. It is risky, even with a condom to have multiple sexual relationships, or have an absolute trust in the person you are dating. As a result, you need not compromise your life and health for the fear of just a new gadget.

pocket vaginasThe truth is that, pocket vagina is the safest way of having an orgasm. For instance, unlike having sex with a woman, there is no exchange of body fluids when using a male sex toy. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that pocket pussies help prolong your ejaculation period when you finally have sex with a real woman. As a result, it can be used to enhance prolonged and enjoyable ejaculation.

Finally, you can be sure to use pocket pussies without experiencing any side effects, as the products are made with the natural physiology of a real woman’s virginal cavity,  with no addiction, or any other substances or medication. In other words, they are all-safe products. How about trying fleshlight for starters.

Best Male Sex Toys Overview – From Dolls to Pucket Pussy

Sometimes, the hand just does not cut it. Women have vast selection for sex toys ranging from vibrators, face bras, bullets to sex mints. But am left wondering, how many men proudly own a single sex toy? Well, now men do not have to worry about that. Male sex toys are coming up fast and have become the new must haves for guys, both singles and married. These dolls and pocket pussies have uncovered a wealth of sensations that men did not think were achievable. Below are top male sex toys that you can buy:

1. Fleshlight

I wonder how you can do without this. Not only will the terminally single dude find this Fleshlight pleasurable, bachelors on the deck can also use it to keep their stamina in check between long and dry spells. They stimulate the feel of a mouth, vagina, or even a butt. This is a great way to give your dick a workout for a sexual triathlon.

Male sex toys are great way to acquire sexual satisfaction. Whichever kind of sex toy you decide to use, always ensure that you get it from a reliable source. There are numerous manufacturers but you should choose the one that offers great deal. Make good use of these toys for a mind.

2. Sex dolls

sex dollsIf you want to explore and make use of your imagination, make good use of male sex toys are usually made with rubber and are usually equipped with numerous love holes that are tight and succulent. Not only will these dolls provide you with pleasure but can also be use with partners for a super threesome experience.

3. Penis extenders

This will either enhance an erection or an advance penis length or girth. They are usually made with silicon or rubber to emulate the sensation of a woman while you are wearing it. It is also enhanced by extras such as vibration features.

4. Male masturbators

You can get this in numerous sizes and shapes. This device is designed to have a penis sleeves designed to have given nodules and patterns on the inner side that offers different sensations. They are usually designed to mimic the look of a female vagina and usually made of silicon or soft rubber to offer a soft and real feeling when you are using it. Most popular one is Tenga and Fleshlight.

6. Cock rings

They are one of the most popular male sex toys. They are placed at the base of shaft of the penis to constrict blood flow and increase sensitivity. Cock rings also prolongs onset of ejaculation making the feeling more intense. You can use this toy when masturbating or with your partner during foreplay.

7. Pocket rocket

This is a little more than a very small vibrator. This male sex toy is not there for penetration but clitoral stimulation. You can give it a whirl on your penis glands if you are adventurous kind of a guy.

8. Penis pump

If you are looking for a perfect male sex toy that can improve your girth and length, then penis pump is the best. This pump will not only increase your girth but will also increase your penis hardness.

You can achieve this by placing your penis inside the cylindrical tube which is usually attached to a hand pump. When you start to pump blood circulation in the penis increases due to the vacuum effect in the cylinder. This is the fastest way to achieve erection and making the experience more pleasurable.

9. Pocket pussy

price discount

This is an artificial device designed to emulate the female vagina. It is made with softer materials, lubricated and heated to achieve the remembrance. It is designed to stir the sensation of sexual intercourse on the erect penis and induce orgasm and ejaculation. In most cases, pocket pussy has moving objects such as vibrators that not only increase the stimulation but also accurately stimulates a woman’s pussy.

Fleshlight vs Tenga: which pocket pussy is right for you?

There was once a time when the very idea of a these devices would have befuddled and startled society. Nowadays, in what might be deemed a more enlightened society, pocket pussies are not only a part of the cultural consciousness, but the product has rivals. When it comes to finding a personal masturbation aide, customers now have a choice and are able to find which suits them best.


Of the two devices, finding the ideal companion will often be a case of personal preference, with many customers not being able to take the devices for a test spin before purchase. Choosing which device suits you might well be a case of finding which of the two most popular products offers exactly what you have been searching for.

Choosing between the fleshlight and Tenga might well come down to how best the product satisfies certain conditions, and each customer is unique in which aspects of the device they favour. Whilst seemingly offering a similar product, the two companies differ in how they approach the same idea.

The Fleshlight, the original pocket pussy and for many people the only name in the industry, is designed to be discreet, the original idea being that it would appear as a flashlight on the outside. Both pocket pussies are designed to be inconspicuous, but in different ways.

The Tenga, alternatively, is a piece of original design work, existing as a colourful, oddly shaped piece of material. It seems to hide in plain sight; without being obvious what it is, few will jump to the conclusion of what it is actually designed for.

Fleshlight vs Tenga. Feeling and texture

When it comes down to the technicalities of the two products, the Tenga differs from its competitor in offering a smaller device which is designed with less focus on explicit anatomical correctness. Whereas the original device offers a range of interchangeable interactive sleeves, the Tenga is a smaller more subtle offering.

TengaWhilst not as soft as the fleshlight, the Tenga offers a harder texture. Which one suits will be a matter of personal preference, with some customers favouring the attempt at reality offered by one and the discrete focus on design offered by the other. When it comes to cleaning, the Tenga is quicker to dry and easier to maintain, whereas the fleshlight has a tendency to dry slowly, meaning storage and maintenance can be an issue.

With the two products approaching the idea in differing ways, finding the right device is usually a matter of choice. With the ever expanding market (and both companies now offer a growing portfolio of option), there is clearly a demand from customers for a great variety of products, with a great many options.

You can get Tenga at the best price here

In these instances, people purchasing the product will likely benefit from a careful consideration of what they want from their device. A glance over the offerings from each company will likely make up any mind, though there is nothing stopping customers from purchasing each pocket pussy and finding out the easy way.