Top 4 : Recommended Male Masturbators 2018

Male masturbators come in different forms such as vulvas, mouths, anuses or non-descriptive holes. Making the right choice can be a challenge sometimes. This is a review of the top male masturbators to help you make an informed buying decision.

1. Pipedream Extreme – Fuck Me Silly

Pipedream Extreme male masturbatorThe skin of this male masturbator feels so real, one would think it’s the skin of a woman. It’s built with a wiggle and jiggle motion that make it respond to spanking just like a woman’s ass. Rather than laying still, it moves to the rhythm of your thrusting.

Its pussy and ass holes may not be the tightest, but they are tight enough to give you enough pleasure.

Cleaning it isn’t a difficult task. With its vagina and pussy holes connected through a tube, you can run a warm soapy water through it, flushing out whatever may be stuck in it. At $$292.59, it’s way too expensive for many people.

2. Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal

With a width of 3.5 inches wide and length of 9.5 inches, this male masturbator is far from being small. If you like to have your hands full while you go for it, you’ll like this. But if you prefer it small size, you need to look elsewhere.

Made of medical grade silicone, the insert is very jiggly and soft, and provides great stimulation for maximize pleasure.

With a hard plastic case exterior, it’s durable. You don’t have to worry about it breaking easily. The insert can be replaced when worn out. If your penis is on the big side, you have nothing to worry about, unless it’s over 12 inches. It’s sold at $69.95.

3. Blewit

This male masturbator doesn’t only facilitate orgasm but also helps you to perfect your bedroom skills – talk about a male performance enhancer.

Blewit performance enhancer masturbatorIn terms of tightness, this male masturbator scores above average. It feels tighter than the Fleshlight Ice Lady listed above. No matter how great masturbators are, they can’t feel like a real vagina but Blewit comes very close.

With a firm exterior grip, it makes thrusting easier without the distraction of your penis pulling out. This makes stimulation very deep and easy for you to offload.

If you like your masturbator to be easy to clean, then you’ll like this one. You simply hold it under a faucet and run warm water through it. Sold at $59.50, it’s very affordable.

4. Tenga Flip Hole

Made of very soft jelly-like silicone, the texture feels good on the skin. Its suction game is so good it can make you release sooner than you expect. To prevent this from happening, you need to slow down your stroking.

best male masturbator

With a length of 6.9 inches and an outside diameter of 3.3 inches, it may not be so suitable for you if you are very well endowed. You should make use of only water-based lubes if you really want to enjoy it. Cleaning it is very easy. With warm water and mild body soap, rinse it thoroughly and pour it out. You can purchase it at $83.00.

These male masturbators are good alternatives for real sexual encounters. Little wonder they are very popular and high in demand. Depending on your needs and taste, you can give them a try; you are sure to get value for your money’s worth.