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Why Use Butt Plug and Strap-On Dildo – Review

Do you want to make sex creative and pocket pussy is not enough? Do you want it be appealing? Lots of fantastic items exist that can give more pleasure for men during intercourse. Some of these items are strap ons and butt plugs.

The combination of these two items either singularly or together can help the individual engage in great and prolonged sex. These are the types of items that can be used for a variety of sexual positions, and can be used by both males and females alike.

Butt plugs reviews and its types

Butt plugs are designed simply to be placed in the butt or rectum and give the user sexual pleasure in types of the sensations that can be found from these simple but pleasurable devices. Some of the butt plugs even vibrate or have liquid squirt out of them. They are usually made of plastic, rubber or even glass and can come with ribbing.

You can find butt plugs on many websites. Butt plus in a variety of colors with vibrating features can be found on websites that sell cool sex toys. Some comes with a tail and some with vibration. They also have a variety of designs and options which can be user friendly. Glass butt plug is one of the popular items for advanced consumers.

but plug

These devices can be multi colored or have features like jewels on them.  You can shop online from a variety of sex toy sites to find the butt plugs that appeal to you and your partner. You can even find furry butt plugs for puppy play and other sex practices.

Overview of  Strap-ons

Strap ons have been around for centuries and can be used in a variety of ways. Strap ons are items that in their purest from can be accessed from harnesses worn around the waist.

strap ons

They are usually rubber or plastic. Reasons to use strap ons are varied, but they can allow hands free penetration, creative and stimulating sex as discussed earlier, double penetration, prostate massage and even for masturbation as people do with fleshlight or tenga. Really the only limits to these devices is in your mind. They have a variety of purposes pertaining to intercourse. Some of the ways these strap on dildos can be used are as follows:

Benefits of strap-on dildo

  • Deeper penetration is terms of intercourse
  • Help with erectile dysfunction there are two ways that lovers can use this.
  • With a Hollow dildo the male can insert his penis into the dildo he can use a strap on to penetrate his lover . He can also use a strap on that allows him to either rest inside the harness or allow his penis to come through an opening on the harness.
  • Oral sex some individuals find it sexually appealing to watch a partner give oral sex to the dildo before actual intercourse.+ Male to male sex individuals can use these strap-ons to penetrate each other both anally and orally.

There are different types of harnesses to use that will keep the strap on in place. When shopping for these products you can use either an O ring to keep it in place. They us different materials like metal rubber silicone or elastic. A Vac u lock is a device with special ridges. Remember when shopping there are all types and sizes of both butt plugs and strap-ons for males for you to try on.