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Fleshlight vs Tenga: which pocket pussy is right for you?

There was once a time when the very idea of a these devices would have befuddled and startled society. Nowadays, in what might be deemed a more enlightened society, pocket pussies are not only a part of the cultural consciousness, but the product has rivals. When it comes to finding a personal masturbation aide, customers now have a choice and are able to find which suits them best.


Of the two devices, finding the ideal companion will often be a case of personal preference, with many customers not being able to take the devices for a test spin before purchase. Choosing which device suits you might well be a case of finding which of the two most popular products offers exactly what you have been searching for.

Choosing between the fleshlight and Tenga might well come down to how best the product satisfies certain conditions, and each customer is unique in which aspects of the device they favour. Whilst seemingly offering a similar product, the two companies differ in how they approach the same idea.

The Fleshlight, the original pocket pussy and for many people the only name in the industry, is designed to be discreet, the original idea being that it would appear as a flashlight on the outside. Both pocket pussies are designed to be inconspicuous, but in different ways.

The Tenga, alternatively, is a piece of original design work, existing as a colourful, oddly shaped piece of material. It seems to hide in plain sight; without being obvious what it is, few will jump to the conclusion of what it is actually designed for.

Fleshlight vs Tenga. Feeling and texture

When it comes down to the technicalities of the two products, the Tenga differs from its competitor in offering a smaller device which is designed with less focus on explicit anatomical correctness. Whereas the original device offers a range of interchangeable interactive sleeves, the Tenga is a smaller more subtle offering.

TengaWhilst not as soft as the fleshlight, the Tenga offers a harder texture. Which one suits will be a matter of personal preference, with some customers favouring the attempt at reality offered by one and the discrete focus on design offered by the other. When it comes to cleaning, the Tenga is quicker to dry and easier to maintain, whereas the fleshlight has a tendency to dry slowly, meaning storage and maintenance can be an issue.

With the two products approaching the idea in differing ways, finding the right device is usually a matter of choice. With the ever expanding market (and both companies now offer a growing portfolio of option), there is clearly a demand from customers for a great variety of products, with a great many options.

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In these instances, people purchasing the product will likely benefit from a careful consideration of what they want from their device. A glance over the offerings from each company will likely make up any mind, though there is nothing stopping customers from purchasing each pocket pussy and finding out the easy way.