Best Male Sex Toys Overview – From Dolls to Pucket Pussy

Sometimes, the hand just does not cut it. Women have vast selection for sex toys ranging from vibrators, face bras, bullets to sex mints. But am left wondering, how many men proudly own a single sex toy? Well, now men do not have to worry about that. Male sex toys are coming up fast and have become the new must haves for guys, both singles and married. These dolls and pocket pussies have uncovered a wealth of sensations that men did not think were achievable. Below are top male sex toys that you can buy:

1. Fleshlight

I wonder how you can do without this. Not only will the terminally single dude find this Fleshlight pleasurable, bachelors on the deck can also use it to keep their stamina in check between long and dry spells. They stimulate the feel of a mouth, vagina, or even a butt. This is a great way to give your dick a workout for a sexual triathlon.

Male sex toys are great way to acquire sexual satisfaction. Whichever kind of sex toy you decide to use, always ensure that you get it from a reliable source. There are numerous manufacturers but you should choose the one that offers great deal. Make good use of these toys for a mind.

2. Sex dolls

sex dollsIf you want to explore and make use of your imagination, make good use of male sex toys are usually made with rubber and are usually equipped with numerous love holes that are tight and succulent. Not only will these dolls provide you with pleasure but can also be use with partners for a super threesome experience.

3. Penis extenders

This will either enhance an erection or an advance penis length or girth. They are usually made with silicon or rubber to emulate the sensation of a woman while you are wearing it. It is also enhanced by extras such as vibration features.

4. Male masturbators

You can get this in numerous sizes and shapes. This device is designed to have a penis sleeves designed to have given nodules and patterns on the inner side that offers different sensations. They are usually designed to mimic the look of a female vagina and usually made of silicon or soft rubber to offer a soft and real feeling when you are using it. Most popular one is Tenga and Fleshlight.

6. Cock rings

They are one of the most popular male sex toys. They are placed at the base of shaft of the penis to constrict blood flow and increase sensitivity. Cock rings also prolongs onset of ejaculation making the feeling more intense. You can use this toy when masturbating or with your partner during foreplay.

7. Pocket rocket

This is a little more than a very small vibrator. This male sex toy is not there for penetration but clitoral stimulation. You can give it a whirl on your penis glands if you are adventurous kind of a guy.

8. Penis pump

If you are looking for a perfect male sex toy that can improve your girth and length, then penis pump is the best. This pump will not only increase your girth but will also increase your penis hardness.

You can achieve this by placing your penis inside the cylindrical tube which is usually attached to a hand pump. When you start to pump blood circulation in the penis increases due to the vacuum effect in the cylinder. This is the fastest way to achieve erection and making the experience more pleasurable.

9. Pocket pussy

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This is an artificial device designed to emulate the female vagina. It is made with softer materials, lubricated and heated to achieve the remembrance. It is designed to stir the sensation of sexual intercourse on the erect penis and induce orgasm and ejaculation. In most cases, pocket pussy has moving objects such as vibrators that not only increase the stimulation but also accurately stimulates a woman’s pussy.

Fleshlight vs Tenga: which pocket pussy is right for you?

There was once a time when the very idea of a these devices would have befuddled and startled society. Nowadays, in what might be deemed a more enlightened society, pocket pussies are not only a part of the cultural consciousness, but the product has rivals. When it comes to finding a personal masturbation aide, customers now have a choice and are able to find which suits them best.


Of the two devices, finding the ideal companion will often be a case of personal preference, with many customers not being able to take the devices for a test spin before purchase. Choosing which device suits you might well be a case of finding which of the two most popular products offers exactly what you have been searching for.

Choosing between the fleshlight and Tenga might well come down to how best the product satisfies certain conditions, and each customer is unique in which aspects of the device they favour. Whilst seemingly offering a similar product, the two companies differ in how they approach the same idea.

The Fleshlight, the original pocket pussy and for many people the only name in the industry, is designed to be discreet, the original idea being that it would appear as a flashlight on the outside. Both pocket pussies are designed to be inconspicuous, but in different ways.

The Tenga, alternatively, is a piece of original design work, existing as a colourful, oddly shaped piece of material. It seems to hide in plain sight; without being obvious what it is, few will jump to the conclusion of what it is actually designed for.

Fleshlight vs Tenga. Feeling and texture

When it comes down to the technicalities of the two products, the Tenga differs from its competitor in offering a smaller device which is designed with less focus on explicit anatomical correctness. Whereas the original device offers a range of interchangeable interactive sleeves, the Tenga is a smaller more subtle offering.

TengaWhilst not as soft as the fleshlight, the Tenga offers a harder texture. Which one suits will be a matter of personal preference, with some customers favouring the attempt at reality offered by one and the discrete focus on design offered by the other. When it comes to cleaning, the Tenga is quicker to dry and easier to maintain, whereas the fleshlight has a tendency to dry slowly, meaning storage and maintenance can be an issue.

With the two products approaching the idea in differing ways, finding the right device is usually a matter of choice. With the ever expanding market (and both companies now offer a growing portfolio of option), there is clearly a demand from customers for a great variety of products, with a great many options.

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In these instances, people purchasing the product will likely benefit from a careful consideration of what they want from their device. A glance over the offerings from each company will likely make up any mind, though there is nothing stopping customers from purchasing each pocket pussy and finding out the easy way.

Fleshlight. The Ultimate Pocket Pussy. Why?

I know that most people are wondering what I am thinking posing such a question of using a pocket pussy such as Fleshlight. It is however practical to assume that the act of self pleasuring has been around since the beginning of man and will probably last till the end of time.

I know that most people are kind of ashamed to talk about self pleasuring or masturbation but there is really no reason to be overly cautious about this issue. I think that it stems from the fact that since we are young our parents and society in general always discourages us from talking about sexual issues and more specifically self pleasuring.

Here He’s proud of having a Fleshlight pussy

According to me the best pocket pussy in the market today is the Fleshlight. The Fleshlight is the world’s top most selling male sex toy of all times with over one million units being sold. It was not created until a few years ago whereby it was decided that the normal procedure of self pleasure for males using hair oil and petroleum jelly as lubricants was not only disgusting to the thoughts as well as physically, it was also not very hygienic.


Someone may wonder why should I purchase a pussy like Fleshlight rather than make my own. Well, that is a valid question and the answer to that is that yes you could make your own but it will be substandard or may tend to be too cumbersome.

The truth is that you do not have the dollar amounts spent in the research for the Fleshlight so anything you come up with will tend to be somewhat mediocre.

Sorry if that rubs you the wrong way but it is to emphasize the importance of having safely tested sex toys that are easy and enjoyable to use over a long period of time. You know quite many people hurt themselves while trying out new sex positions, objects and locations and you really do not want to end up in such a statistic.

Pocket pussy how it works

The Fleshlight is actually modeled on real women pussies and actually mimics real pussy. You can actually customize your own before ordering and delivery.You can actually purchase one from Amazon and get it delivered for the next night. For customization options you have pussy design, color and even texture within the Fleshlight.

pocket vaginasThe Fleshlight is designed for maximum pleasure and to ensure that you last the longest. It has some lubrication and is also made of super soft skin just like a real pussy. You will really not be able to tell the difference between the Fleshlight and a real pussy. It is that good.

In conclusion let me state that there is no shame in engaging in self pleasure. It is and always will be a normal human activity so embrace it with open arms. It is much better than going out there cheating on your spouse or girlfriend or even hiring prostitutes which is a huge risk to your heath or relationship or maybe even both.

You make sure that you go out there and buy yourself a decent pocket pussy today. You will never regret it.